How To Win at Martial Arts Tournament Point Sparring - Instructional DVD

Sparring250The first DVD I made was instruction on Martial Arts Tournament Point Sparring. For some reason, it was not on this blog until today (you can find it on the right side of the page in the DVD and Ebook section).

I've always believed in being a complete fighter, and that helped me win dozens of martial arts tournament competitions between 1974 and 2006. I also trained students who won dozens of competitions. By using this DVD as a training tool, you can improve your strategies and techniques.

Tournament point sparring might not be the same as real fighting, but the skills required to win are some of the same skills you need on the street:

1. The ability to remain cool under pressure

2. The ability to read an opponent quickly

3. The ability to take misdirect and take advantage of your opponent's weaknesses.

Whether you are into kung-fu sparring, karate sparring, or taekwondo sparring, you'll get something out of this instruction. As I got older, I enjoyed the competition and it forced me to stay in top condition. Any type of sparring is extremely demanding physically. It's also a lot of fun.

As an internal artist, a lot of fellow tai chi folks scoff at tournament sparring, but that never bothered me. There are a lot of good reasons to put it on the line before a jury of your peers. Tournaments are not always run fairly. Sometimes it can get political, when judges score people from their styles higher, but after a time or two you just stop supporting that particular tournament. Most of the time, people do the best they can to be friendly and fair.

You can learn a lot about yourself at tournaments. How do you respond when people are watching (in forms or sparring)? How do you respond when a trained martial artist is trying to punch and kick you. It's not just a game of tag. People get injured in every tournament I attend. You can learn about your own weaknesses, your mental strength, and your ability to deal with defeat.

I made a lot of friends at tournaments, too.

This DVD runs an hour, and I demonstrate techniques with my friend Hector Lareau, then I show actual tournament video that we taped over the years showing the techniques being used in real action. Most of the video was shot between 1998 and 2003.

The clip below shows a couple of strategies to use against kickers. If, after watching the clip you are interested in learning more, click this link to go to the DVD page and order. 

Bagua Swimming Body Form - New DVD Teaches the Cheng Style Bagua Advanced Routine

Bagua-Swimming-Body-DVD-Cover-2-250It seems as if we've been working on the Bagua Swimming Body Form DVD for two months. The DVD is finally done and all the video is also on my online resource for members.

The Bagua Swimming Body Form DVD includes 90 minutes of detailed instruction on this advanced Cheng Style Baguazhang form. It includes demonstrations of the form in normal and slow motion with names of each movement. Also, you can learn in a school environment by watching and practicing as I teach a student who is new to the form. Colin Frye is the student in the video who is learning the form. This style of teaching helps show viewers some of the mistakes that are made and they learn as I drive home details on camera.

The Swimming Body form is smooth and connected, flowing from one movement to the next. Most of the time, you are walking the circle. As usual, I emphasize internal body mechanics on the DVD. This DVD is devoted mostly to the form instruction. A future DVD will explore the fighting applications for these movements.

The DVD is on sale today through Cyber Monday (through Dec. 2, 2013) -- 25% off the normal price -- marked down from $19.99 to $14.99. That's a lot of instruction for a low price, and free shipping is included anywhere in the world. Click on this button to buy at the discount.

Check out the video below to get a sample of some of the instruction on the DVD. 


An Amazing Weapons Form - the Chen Taiji Straight Sword on DVD


I held a workshop in April to guide a variety of martial artists through the Chen Tai Chi Straight Sword form step-by-step, with an emphasis on body mechanics.

The individual movements were broken down and I have assembled it all on my newest DVD - The Chen Taiji Straight Sword Form.

There is just under two hours of training information on one DVD, including multiple views of each movement, complete demonstrations of the form slowly and at medium speed by front and rear views. 

The best part of the DVD is that you get to be part of the workshop and learn along with the other martial artists. Some fighting applications are demonstrated along the way to add to the understanding of a movement's intent, but most fighting applications will be shown in the sequel later this year.

The DVD is available on my membership website, also my DVD website, through this blog, and on

The Chen Straight Sword Form is amazing -- great fighting techniques requiring all the internal body mechanics that you need in the empty-hand forms. The footwork is lively and there is a wonderful blend of relaxed internal strength and explosive fajing -- the hallmark of a good Chen form.

As with all my videos, I try to go deeper than what you usually find on other DVDs. Instead of just repeated movements, we drill into the mechanics of the movement. Check out the video clip below and make this DVD part of your collection. The cost is only $22.50 and that includes free shipping and a money-back guarantee, no questions asked, if you are dissatisfied for any reason. 

What Makes for a Quality DVD in Taiji, Hsing-I and Bagua?

Old-vcrI bought a VCR in 1978 -- one of the first in the nation to do so. It cost $998 and a blank VHS tape cost $27.99. I was a poor radio news reporter in Lexington, Kentucky earning around $10,000 a year but I had to have it.

Before long, I started adding martial arts videos to my library. Wing Chun, karate, a little kung-fu -- I was ready to see it all and study it all.

By the time I began studying Chen taiji in 1998, I bought some videos by Chen Xiaowang to study his movement. And that really was all the videos were -- movements repeated at various angles with very little instruction. I got instruction from from my teachers but wanted more from the investment I made in the DVDs.

My first instructional video was Tournament Point Sparring -- a sport that I had been doing pretty successfully and had some helpful techniques to offer. It has sold a lot of copies over the years. I demonstrated winning tournament techniques with a partner but I also added a lot of actual tournament video that I had taken over the years.

When I made my first Hsing-I video, I decided to take a different approach than most of the videos I had seen. I put real students in it, demonstrating techniques with them and coaching them through the movements. I wanted my videos and DVDs to actually instruct -- going in-depth in not just how to do the movement but the body mechanics involved and the self-defense applications.

It's rare to see internal arts videos that teach the real body mechanics of the art. The use of the ground path, peng jin, whole-body movement, opening and closing the kua, silk-reeling, rotation of the dan t'ien -- and how all of that works together for quality movement but also for powerful martial arts.

So that became my main goal with each DVD -- to drill deeper and give customers something they couldn't find anywhere else.

I have taken this approach in each of my DVDs and it works. Each time someone around the world buys one DVD, I can usually expect them to return to buy a few more, because I try to put value in each one -- information they usually don't even get from their own teachers.

Some of my favorite compliments have come from people who have studied directly from people like Chen Xiaowang, who have told me that they have learned things from my DVDs (and the online school) that they haven't learned from Grandmaster Chen.

I have plans for more DVDs this year. You can explore different DVDs on the right side of this blog. Coming up this year will be the complete 12-Animal Xingyi form, the Bagua 8 Main Palms Form, the Bagua Elk Horn Knives form, and the Chen Straight Sword form and -- with a little luck -- Laojia Yilu. All the video I shoot for my DVDs ends up on the online school -- in fact, the website has hundreds of video lessons that aren't yet on DVD -- videos that go in-depth into Tai Chi, Xingyi and Bagua.

It's frustrating to see a video that demonstrates moves from several angles but doesn't go beneath the surface. I suppose the top masters don't want to go beneath the surface in their videos. So I will gladly do that. :)

New Hsing-I DVD - The Ba Shih (8 Methods) Form

Hsing-I-BaShih-DVD-250 I've completed my 17th instructional DVD -- devoted to the intermediate Hsing-I Chuan form called "Ba Shih" (8 Methods).

It's recommended that you have reached a little skill with the Five Fist Postures and the Linking Form ("Lien Huan Wu Hsing") before tackling Ba Shih.

This DVD is more than just repeated movements. There is detailed instruction of each movement in the form, plus a section on fighting applications that teaches body mechanics in detail -- mechanics that will help you do the form even better.

The DVD includes:

** A full speed and slow motion view of the complete form.

** A rear view of the complete form.

** A detailed instruction section that breaks down each movement.

** A fighting applications section with an emphasis on internal body mechanics.

** BONUS SECTION -- How to Do Fa-Jing (Issuing Energy) -- Concepts and exercises to develop this widely misunderstood skill.

If you're interested, click here. As usual, there's a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied for any reason.

Chi Kung E-Book Available to Online Members and with DVD

 ChiKungE-book250 I finished an e-book this week to go with the newly revised and expanded Chi Kung (Qigong) DVD.

The e-book includes 51 pages and 136 photos covering every exercise from the DVD in detail. People who buy the DVD will get a free copy in a reply email. It's the perfect reference when you don't have the DVD. Just print it out and take it with you.

The new DVD includes three 5-minute routines for people with little time; two 10-minute routines; the 8 Pieces of Brocade, and all 36 exercises in the Yi Jing Ching, including the Palm Set, the Fist Set and the Moving Set.

I've been practicing these exercises since 1987 and can testify to the benefits -- primarily teaching the mind and body to remain centered, especially in tense situations at work, at home, or out in the world.

The key to Chi Kung is to practice the exercises daily, then recapture the same centered feeling when you run into a situation that would normally cause you to react with stress, anger, fear, etc.

Chi Kung isn't magic or mystical -- it's simply a matter of learning to ease and manage stress. When you can do that at will, you will find that many things improve, including health, relationships, and your ability to handle pressure. Chi Kung isn't going to prevent or heal a serious illness or disease, but I've had students who have used it to cope with and manage the pain of cancer and a variety of other illnesses. Some have seen their blood pressure drop, too.

I enjoy putting e-books together. A few of my DVDs have e-books that are given as a bonus. I do this because as a martial artist who has bought a lot of videos in the past twenty or thirty years, there were many times I wished I had a reference when I didn't have a way to play the video I had purchased.

The e-book is also on the online schoolfor members to download free as part of their membership.