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Close-Up Self-Defense Using Tai Chi Energies and Methods: Takedowns with Tai Chi

Close-Up Self-Defense Front-250You are in a situation where you cannot escape a fight. Someone your size or larger lunges at you, grabs you in a clinch, and tries to take you to the ground.

Can you use your Tai Chi skills to take HIM to the ground instead?

I have been working on this since 2006, when I was practicing push hands with Chen Xiaoxing in my basement and he kept putting me on the ground -- over and over again -- and he did it so easily, I could not understand what he was doing until about the tenth time I found myself on my back.

He was breaking my structure and controlling my center.

The insights from that training have driven me for the past dozen years to explore how to use the "energies" of Tai Chi (Taiji) for close-up self-defense.

How do you use ward-off, roll back, press, push, split, pluck, bump, elbow, empty, advance, withdraw in a real fight? How do you use these methods of dealing with force to take your opponent to the ground without using muscular force or "wrestling?"

My new DVD answers that question and teaches you -- step-by-step -- the principles and techniques you need to unbalance your opponent, control his center and take him down.

When Reached For, You Cannot Be Found

When your opponent reaches for you, he will not find your center, but you will find his.

To my knowledge, this material has not been put on DVD for widespread distribution. Most Tai Chi students never learn this. It has taken me 30 years in Tai Chi to feel prepared to put the instruction on video.

One of the members of my website told me that this material can save people years of development time and a LOT of money that they would normally spend, waiting for their teachers to someday teach them this -- if their teachers know these concepts (many do not).

The reason I make DVDs, and have my membership website where the video streams 24/7, is to teach the details that millions of internal arts students around the world do not ever learn.

Here is a promo video for the DVD, which costs only $24.99 and runs 2 hours 23 minutes. If you buy it from my blog (see the link below or on the right side of the page) there is free shipping worldwide, and there is always a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Watch the promo video below and, if interested, click on the button to go to our secure order page.




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