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Chen Laojia Yilu Form - One Self-Defense Application for "Six Sealings Four Closings"

The Chen Tai Chi form "Laojia Yilu" is almost a complete fighting art in itself. In 2008, I recorded three DVDs that take each movement in the form and break them down, unlocking more than 400 self-defense applications from this one form.

Hand strikes, punches, kicks, knee strokes, elbows, shoulders, kicks, sweeps, takedowns, joint locks -- it's all there.

I am currently adapting the DVDs for a new Kindle ebook that should be out within two weeks. It's a big task to try and write a book with 400 fighting applications from one form.

But as I was working on the ebook today, I was focusing on the applications for the movement "Six Sealings Four Closings." Actually, just part of the movement, a part when the arm folds in. It's a "closing" movement that shows up in a lot of postures throughout all Tai Chi forms in every style.

The applications in these DVDs, by the way, work with any style of Tai Chi. After all, all styles evolved from the same source.

Take a look at this short clip and then go to the link and watch another clip from the DVDs.


 Watch another clip from the DVDs on Laojia Yilu fighting applications.


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