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Kent Howard and the Internal Art of Baguazhang - the Internal Fighting Arts Podcast Interview

Ken-Bagua-Small-JPGI love to meet good martial artists who are dedicated to seeking out the best instruction. Since I launched my Internal Fighting Arts podcast a few months ago, I have had the pleasure of going on amazing journeys as I talk with instructors who, like I did, became attached to the internal arts.

The best instructors go through a lot of sacrifice, expense, and effort to seek out instruction. Many people looking to become students don't even realize how lucky they are to have such dedicated martial artists who actually speak their language (I focus on English-speaking instructors in the podcast). I have spent years, traveled many miles, and spent thousands of dollars gaining knowledge, not to mention investing in pain, sweat, and hard work. When I talk with teachers who have done the same thing, I am re-inspired.

I had never spoken to Kent Howard before interviewing him last Saturday via Skype. He is a good man, with a realistic view of the arts and a great sense of humor. He returned three months ago from spending three more years in Taiwan, where he has studied for decades in the Baguazhang style of Wang Shujin through Kent's teacher, Huang Shinjeng.

Kent is about four "generations" of students removed from Baguazhang's creator, Dong Haichuan.

He is the guest on this week's podcast - an enjoyable, no-nonsense and fascinating glimpse into the study of what became known as "Eight Trigrams Palm."

This interview may change the way you look at Bagua. Listen to it online or download via this link. It will be on iTunes where you can subscribe to the series and receive new podcasts as they go up -- about every 10 days or so. Go to the podcast area of the iTunes Store and search for "Internal Fighting Arts" to subscribe. 


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