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Video Highlights of New Kindle Ebook - Baguazhang Self-Defense

New Bagua Self-Defense Ebook -- 380 Photos and 150 Fighting Applications from One Baguazhang Form

8 Main Apps Ebook Cover 250My new ebook is titled Baguazhang Self-Defense - Fighting Applications of the Cheng Style Eight Main Palms Form. It contains 380 photos and offers a breakdown and detailed descriptions of 150 self-defense applications from the 8 Main Palms form.

The ebook costs only $6.99 and is available through the Amazon Kindle Store. Here is a link to the U.S. Kindle Store. It is also available on Amazon's site in the UK, France, other European nations, India, Japan, Brazil and more -- just search for it in your country's version of the Kindle Store.

There are three main goals in Bagua self-defense -- Uproot, Unbalance, and Control Your Opponent's Center. Sometimes, a Bagua fighter seems to disappear in front of his opponent, and the opponent finds that the Bagua fighter is behind him. Some of these techniques are included in the instruction.

8 Main Apps 7-48This ebook is a companion and reference to the fighting applications in the recently produced Bagua Eight Main Palms Form DVD, which is available through this blog (see the list of DVDs on the right side of the page) and through my websites and Amazon (Amazon charges shipping for my DVDs and I don't charge for shipping even on International orders).

Among the applications are palm strikes, punches, elbow and shoulder strikes, joint locks, kicks, sweeps, throws and takedowns. The techniques are explained with an emphasis on internal body mechanics, which give you a relaxed power.

There are eight sections to the Eight Main Palms Form:

1. Single Change Palm

2. Double Change Palm

3. Following Posture Palm

4. Back Body Palm

5. Turning Body Palm

6. Grinding Body Palm

7. Overturning Body Palm

8. Returning Body Palm

Some of the old Bagua masters claimed to be able to handle any attack with Single Palm Change, Double Palm Change, and Following Posture Palm. I believe it. Like all great martial arts, there is an amazing amount of information embedded and hidden within the fluid, graceful, flowing movements of each section.

In this ebook, I show 150 applications that are hidden inside the form, and I encourage the reader to use their creativity, take this information and build on it by searching the movements for techniques they discover on their own. That is one of my greatest satisfactions in studying the internal arts -- getting better at the movements from an internal perspective, and then finding new ways of applying the movements in self-defense.

It is in that spirit that I have written this ebook. 


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