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If Tai Chi Does NOT Give You Supernatural Powers, What Good Is It?

The old man squares off against a younger student. They raise their arms and touch each other at the wrists.

Slowly their arms begin to circle. Then, the old man barely moves, and the younger man goes bouncing and hopping away, clearly out of control and powerless.

Wow, looks good, doesn't it? You see it every day on YouTube.

But it gets better. The student reaches for the master -- the master moves and the student falls away as if pushed from behind.

It's the "secret" of Tai Chi or Qigong power. If you achieve a high level, you can do this, too!


If you believe this, you should be placed under psychiatric evaluation. You should be kept away from sharp objects and should not be allowed within 5,000 feet of any institution where students are learning science. 

Here is another video showing a teacher who says some things during the video that contain solid internal concepts, but the fakery he and his student demonstrate only proves that any charismatic person can spout information out of their mouth -- the desire to be seen as supernatural trumps realism every time. Look at this horse crap. 

I received a message from a sincere person this week -- a nice guy who asked an interesting question about this video. Then he asked a good question that I will paraphrase here:

If this type of thing is not possible, then what can you attain from the internal arts?

This is why I lose my center when frauds put videos online. They have put the internal arts into such a bad position that this type of "chi power" is the only reason someone might think there is a reason to study. Otherwise, what is the point? What can you attain if you cannot attain this type of mysticism?

Let me answer:

Tai Chi, Bagua, and Hsing-I are martial arts. Through the study and practice of these arts, you learn to defend yourself and others. You learn to break an attacker and put him on the ground.

And if you look at any of these videos and see more than a dishonest person trying to make a buck off of gullible fools, you have the intellectual capacity of a rock and the scientific education of a pencil. I hate to insult pencils and rocks that way.

If you believe any human being can manipulate you or control you or heal you with his (or her) chi or aura, you should not be trusted with your own bank account.

What can you attain from the internal arts? Here are a few things:

** A powerful martial art based on unique body mechanics that help you deliver power in a power relaxed way that involves whole-body movement and other specific physical skills.

** An exercise that -- like any exercise including walking, jogging, weight training, and virtually any sport -- improves your health and fitness.

** Often, you learn Qigong exercises that help calm the mind and body, but this effort to "center" is not necessarily the same thing as a martial art such as Tai Chi, Hsing-I and Bagua.

** Sometimes, your teacher can influence philosophy, helping you realize how you are "connected" to all things. Once again, this is not required for a martial art. The only thing required for a martial art is the ability to defend yourself.

** You gain confidence by setting goals and attaining them as you learn new skills, new techniques, new ways of applying fluid, graceful movements with self-defense.

** The confidence and the centering skills that you gain may help you remain balanced in relationships, at work, and driving on the highway. You may be able to control yourself more productively.

** You gain arts that can be done in a slow, fluid way, or in a fast, explosive way, depending upon your intent at the moment.

My friends, no human being can do anything to you that does not lie within the recognizable and understandable laws of physics.

The internal arts are powerful martial arts. The way of movement - of recognizing incoming force, dealing with that force, and countering - is unique and deep. The body mechanics are so difficult, it takes a long time to develop real skill.

It is a lot easier for people to make videos pretending to have special powers than it is to put in the decades of hard work that is required, and when you reach those high levels, there is still no ability to project force in an unrealistic way.

There is a lot to attain in the internal arts, but the only thing you can attain through watching videos like the ones I have posted are disappointment, and if you pay one of these guys, you can attain poverty in the pursuit of fantasy.


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