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The Epic Failure of Empty Force - the No-Touch Knockdown Con

It has been nearly 12 years since I offered $5,000 if a no-touch knockdown "master" of qigong could knock me down without touching me. Inside Kung-Fu magazine put the headline on the cover.

No one contacted me, even though several at the time were seeking publicity and taking people's money holding classes and seminars on the subject.

Some people call this "Kong Jin" but that is a gross misinterpretation of the concept of "Empty Force" in Tai Chi. Here's a description of true Empty Force -- an opponent pushes on your arm. You let your arm "empty" of muscular tension and removing the force-against-force reaction so that your opponent goes slightly off-balance. Empty Force is a physical skill and a self-defense technique. It is not metaphysical or mystical.

This video shows that there are still con artists out there, preying on people who so desperately need approval from a teacher or a group that they will play along with the Empty Force/No Touch Knockdown fraud. 

This video also shows that skeptics are AWESOME!



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