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Xingyi Advanced 12 Animal Form "Shi Er Xing" Now On DVD

Xingyi 12 animals DVDThere are 12 individual animal forms in our style of Hsing-I Chuan (Xingyiquan). We practice the individual forms and then combine the animals into an advanced form called "Shi Er Xing." Translated, that means "12 Shapes."

Shi Er Xing is a great form for practice, for developing your art, and for tournament competition. I've used it to win some big tournaments in black belt competition. It also contains outstanding self-defense applications.

The advanced form is now on DVD -- two hours of step-by-step instruction in the movements of the form and a clear demonstration and coaching for 127 self-defense applications from the form. The self-defense techniques include hand strikes, punches, knee strikes and kicks, elbow strikes, joint locks, sweeps and takedowns.

The 12 Animals include:

  1. Dragon
  2. Tiger
  3. Monkey
  4. Horse
  5. Chicken
  6. Water Lizard
  7. Harrier (Hawk or Sparrowhawk)
  8. Swallow
  9. Snake
  10. Chinese Ostrich
  11. Eagle
  12. Bear

With this video, my entire Xingyi curriculum is now on DVD. All the DVDs are available on this blog (see the column for DVDs on the right side of the page), on my two other sites, and on Amazon. I offer free shipping anywhere in the world on this blog and my other websites. Below is a short clip from the Shi Er Xing DVD.


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