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Learning Tai Chi, Hsing-I and Bagua Online - Getting Personal Feedback and Coaching


All of my students receive coaching, online and offline.
Learning Tai Chi online, or Hsing-I or Bagua, is not easy. In fact, it's just about impossible to make progress in these arts without personal corrections from an instructor. That's why I have made a decision to add a free perk for members of my membership website. 

Five years ago, I launched an online internal arts resource to help people learn. As the site grew (it now has over 600 video lessons and has had over a thousand members), the type of people who enjoy the site are the following:

  • Students of other teachers who want additional knowledge to supplement what they are learning.
  • Students who feel their teachers are holding something back. For example, one member said his teacher did not teach silk-reeling until you had been a student for several years. What?
  • Former students who want to brush up their skills.
  • Instructors who are looking for new ideas, techniques and principles.
  • People who want to learn but can't afford a bricks-and-mortar school's fees.
  • People who want to learn but don't have a teacher nearby.

For years, I have offered personal coaching for an additional fee. The membership is $19.99 per month, but if a member wanted personal feedback, they could shoot video of themselves and I would take the time to critique them and do a video reply, demonstrating what they needed to work on, for an additional fee of $24.99 to cover my time.

I have decided to make this personal feedback a part of the regular membership at no additional charge. I am eliminating the fee for personal coaching. This type of coaching is such an important part of moving forward.

So here is how it works, effective immediately for all regular, paying members of the site:

  • Shoot a video of yourself doing the forms, techniques, etc.
  • Put the video up on YouTube, either privately or publicly (I suggest privately).
  • Send me the link.
  • I will look at the video and write a detailed email with coaching tips.
  • For 5 members per month, I will shoot a reply video. 

Why am I doing this? I work hard to make InternalFightingArts.com the best internal arts site, and I understand it requires effort to shoot and post videos. I believe the serious students will do it, and those are people I want to help.

This was not possible when I was still working full-time, but now that I am doing kung-fu full-time, it's a service I want to add. I appreciate the members of my website, and the thousands of people who have bought DVDs and now ebooks on Amazon. 

I'm a teacher. That's what I do. So if you need some personal feedback, join the site and fire up the camcorder. For those who join the "2 Weeks Free" plan, you will be able to get personal feedback after that two weeks is over and you become a regular member. And if you try the website and don't think it works for you, remember you can cancel anytime.

I spent last weekend getting coached on my Laojia Yilu by a great Chen Tai Chi teacher and her husband -- Chen Huixian and Michael Chritton. Everyone needs specific, personal feedback. I do as much as my students do. I would do it for you if you were part of my class, so I will now do it for you if you are part of my website.


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