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Chen Huixian Workshop July 19-21 in Madison, Wisconsin

Photo courtesy of Khiang Seow.
Chen Huixian, a member of the Chen family living in the Kansas City area, will conduct a three-day workshop in Madison, Wisconsin on July 19 through the 21st (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). The workshop is hosted by Khiang Seow, instructor at Madison Chen Style Taijiquan. 

Chen Huixian is a niece of Chen Zhenglei, one of the top taiji masters of his generation.

I have never trained with anyone from Chen Zhenglei's lineage, but I've been wanting to meet Chen Huixian for some time, along with her husband Michael Chritton, so I am planning to attend the Saturday and Sunday sessions, when Chen Huixian will offer corrections for the Laojia Yilu form.

Go to Khiang Seow's website for more details and to download the flyer. My wife Nancy's parents were born in Madison. It's a cool town and we're looking forward to spending the weekend there. Nancy will shop till she drops and I will do Laojia Yilu till I drop!

Join me in Madison and let's support Chen Huixian and Khiang Seow in their efforts to keep high quality tai chi going in the Midwest!! 


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Jim Criscimagna

Have a great time, Ken. You are lucky to live close enough to Madison to be able to attend. From everything I have heard about Xuixian and Michael, they are a very nice couple, with one terrific boy. Xuixian is known for her open attitude and willingness to share the art. She has some mad skills to boot! Lucky you!

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