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Two Great Photos 40 Years after Enter the Dragon - John Saxon, Bob Wall and Jim Kelly

A couple of weeks ago, the Bruce Lee Foundation held a fundraiser in Seattle -- an exclusive dinner with Bruce's widow Linda, daughter Shannon, and others involved in and supporting the Bruce Lee Foundation.  

John Saxon looking great at 78.
My brother, Myles attended this event. He described it in a blog post a couple of weeks ago. 

The following evening, there was another event. Among the guests were co-stars of "Enter the Dragon," which was released 40 years ago this summer -- a movie that changed my life and many others.

Here are photos of John Saxon, who played "Mr. Roper," and standing together are Bob Wall ("Ohara") and Jim Kelly ("Williams"). 

Bob-Wall-Jim-Kelly-webIt's wonderful to see them, but a little sobering to think how old they -- and all of us -- are getting. Saxon is still looking great for a 78-year old. Jim Kelly was born in 1946 so he will be 67 this year. Bob Wall was born in 1939, making him 74 this year.

I'm glad they are still here.


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