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The Power of Bagua for Self-Defense -- Yin Yang Fish and the Hidden Elbow Strike

I'm currently shooting video for my membership website and a future DVD on the 8 Main Palms form of Cheng Baguazhang. Today, my student Colin Frye and I were working through the fighting applications of two sections -- Grinding Palm and Turning Body Palm. In both, there is a good deal of spinning.

In Turning Body Palm, there is a move called Yin Yang Fish. It begins with a scooping hook movement and then you spin. 

Hidden within the spin is an elbow strike that can do a lot of damage. Here is a short clip showing me demonstrating the elbow strike against a thin board and then a thicker board. Using boards in this way helps you see if you are delivering power in your techniques.

There are 600 instructional videos on my website for a very low monthly membership fee. This is a short clip from a much longer video on the Turning Body Palm section of the form.

Bagua (also spelled pakua) fighting is powerful. There are many self-defense techniques hidden in Baguazhang forms. One of my favorite things is to study the way the movements translate to fighting applications.


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Do you generally think about optimizing the posts for search algorithms?


Keywords are very important. That's why I pop up pretty high in some keyword searches. :)

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