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New DVD - Basic Building Blocks of Bagua Self-Defense - How to Fight with Bagua

Bagua-Self-Defense-Front-250I believe in a step-by-step approach to the internal arts. You learn principles, body mechanics, forms and techniques, practice them over and over, then you add another and keep practicing.

The same is true for self-defense. The type of self-defense you see in a lot of bagua videos isn't very realistic. It looks great. The instructor is doing a lot of winding, flowery movements -- but usually the opponent isn't exactly trying to fight back. So viewers can get an unrealistic expectation.

My newest DVD is an hour and forty minutes of instruction in what I call the Basic Building Blocks of Bagua Self-Defense. You can buy it through Here is what it includes:

  • More than 130 techniques and internal body mechanics that will help you develop a foundation for Bagua self-defense.
  • How to control your opponent's center.
  • How to uproot and unbalance your opponent.
  • 23 Bagua "Key Words" (principles and techniques) that provide you with simple techniques that you should practice against partners in a one-step and then sparring situation.
  • A group exercise that we call the "Circle of Death" when you go into the center of the circle and are surrounded by sparring partners.

The video on this DVD was shot over a four year period. The lessons were put on my membership website, and recently, we shot more video and I compiled it all on this DVD. The first 25 minutes showing the Three Goals of Bagua -- Uprooting, Unbalancing, and Controlling Your Opponent's Center -- are worth the cost of the entire DVD.

Controlling your opponent's center after a kick.
But in the end, you have to take all these techniques and practice them over and over against partners who aren't playing along like people do on videos. Only then do you figure out what works for you, what works against an unwilling partner, and then you narrow your focus on what to practice.

Fighting with any of the internal arts requires more work than most people are willing to put in. Bagua self-defense does NOT mean walking the circle. Walking the circle is done for training primarily, for leg conditioning and teaching you how to change directions quickly and adapt to multiple attackers. The same internal principles that apply to Chen Tai Chi also apply to Bagua.

This DVD -- as a companion to the first Basic Bagua Skills DVD that I produced -- set you up for other forms and more complex techniques later.


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