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A Fun but Hard Four Hour Workshop on the Chen Taiji Straight Sword Form

Workshop - Chen Taiji Straight Sword Form Seminar This Saturday, March 24, in Moline, Illinois

Ken-ChadSwordsThis Saturday, March 24, 2012, from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., I'll teach the Chen Tai Chi Straight Sword form at Morrow's Academy of Martial Arts on Fifth Avenue in downtown Moline, IL.

If you plan to attend, contact Mr. Morrow at (309) 764-1929.

The fee is only $45 and attendees will agree to be videotaped as we shoot the workshop for an instructional DVD. Each person will get credit on the DVD and will receive a free copy when it's edited next month.

It will be a challenging four hours. We will explore all 49 of the movements in this form -- the only straight sword form in traditional Chen family Tai Chi.

The sword form is done fast and slow, with smoothness, good internal body mechanics, and fa-jing. The way you handle the sword in each movement, and the intent or "energy" you put into the sword depends on the fighting application of each movement. We will explore this as we learn the form, but we will especially drill into the body mechanics.

It's a difficult form to learn in four hours, which is why each attendee will receive a DVD. We'll try to memorize the choreography as I also drive home details on body mechanics and applications, then you can piece it back together through the DVD instruction.

Please contact John or reply to me at my email ([email protected]) if you plan to attend. 


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An excellent seminar! It showed body mechanics with the movements. It was very nice to see members of other martial arts to branch out and try out our style as well. They may have felt like a fish out of water but I believe that they were able to take a information and a new insight into the internal fighting arts.

marcas de gafas de sol

Las cosas me attracte en tu blog es lo que usted escribe y el estilo que probado y demostrado. Gracias. Mis mejores deseos para usted.

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