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A New Room for Kung-Fu Practice at My New Home

Kung-Fu-Room-Before Nancy and I have bought a new home and we're moving during the next week. It's in a Moline neighborhood called Wildwood. We're very excited. One of the main reasons I'm excited is because of all the space to practice kung-fu.

This picture is of my new kung-fu room. It's big enough to do Laojia Yilu without having to stop and back up. Vaulted ceilings make it perfect for practicing with the staff. One wall -- the one on the left not shown here -- is where I'll do a lot of instructional videos for the online school. I'll be putting up the usual photos, newspaper articles through the years, Bruce Lee posters (what's a practice space without Bruce Lee for criminy's sake?), and other decorative items.

Kung-Fu-Practice The back yard has a beautiful, flat area with great trees as a backdrop -- another good place for practicing and shooting videos. Looking through the back doors in the basement (left) you can see the area. This photo was taken before the leaves began filling it out.

The most amazing thing that has happened to me in my life is meeting Nancy. As we started looking at homes during the past year, one of her priorities was to find a home with enough space for kung-fu. Now THAT is a good woman. :)

Moving is difficult, but we've decided this is our final one. We sold our home in Moline in 2007 to move to Tampa for a job that didn't work out a year later. We've stayed out of the housing market since, as I had a near-death experience that took me a long time to recover from, but recently we knew that housing prices had dropped to a point that made a very nice home affordable.

If I can just get through the next week, I look forward to generating a lot of new material, videos, e-books, and other stuff very soon.


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Ronald Harth

What a beautiful home! I'm jealous: I HAVE to do Laojia Yilu in my basement stopping and backing up! Congratulations! Ron


Wow Ken. A very worthy place for a gong-fu dojo. Congrads!

Jim Criscimagna

How about some more pictures of your new house and property? Would love to see them.

Congratulations on your new place. I know you will love it. :))

Gary Liu

Congratulations Ken! Nothing like a new home and training place, and an envy inducing one at that, to reinvigorate the health and training. (^^)

Tom Cobb

Wonderful, thanks for sharing. I am sure you will create lots of good instruction from here; it is great to be settled and productive.

That is awesome Ken! You're home will be like a kung fu school of old :)


Its outstanding Ken, you can always practice kung fu every time you want. The great thing is i'm pretty sure that you can learn a lot of tactics because that gym is yours.

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