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Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing's 2011 U.S. Tour Schedule

Ken-Gullette-Chen-Xiaoxing Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing, the head of tai chi training for the Chen family in Chen Village, will tour the U.S. this spring. Among the cities he'll visit will be Chicago, Phoenix, Washington D.C., and San Francisco.

This is an opportunity to train with a direct descendant of the founder of Tai Chi Chuan, Chen Wangting. The photo here shows me in a private lesson with Chen Xiaoxing a few years ago near San Francisco. Hands-on correction by any good instructor is a good thing -- hands-on correction by a Chen family member is a different level. 

Chen Xiaoxing is the younger brother of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, the standard-bearer of Chen family Tai Chi for the 19th Generation.

Check out this web page for the dates and locations for his 2011 workshop tour. It includes contact information for the workshop sponsors. 


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Hamid Choughale

Mr. Gullette,
Thank you for your devotion to teaching the internal arts. I have been formally studying martial arts since 1985. In that time I have studied various Korean martial arts such as Tae kwon do , Tang Su Do, and Hwa Rang Do. Since the early nineties I have studied various forms of Kung Fu.
You are correct in your statement about racism in the martial systems. For some reason if the person is not oriental no respect is given to his or her skill as a martial artist. However, there are exceptions to this rule.
I think that you have come to realize how rare it is to find someone that is still practicing for more than three or four years. Once a person reaches that supposed magic level of black belt or whatever rank he or she quits. We both know the truth is the mechanics of the art can be learned in a few years, however the true power of the art lies much deeper and requires many years of practice and research. To that end finding someone that has the passion and talent to hand off to is not always an easy thing. Furthermore, ensuring that once a person gains some skill he or she will not abuse what they have learned is the real reason that many instructors are hesitant to pass on everything they have learned.
Although my styles (Long Fist, Hung Gar, Choy Li Fut, Northern and Seven Star mantis) are considered hard styles I see enormous similarities between Chen Tai Chi and many movements in what I study. In addition, your explanation of techniques is brilliant. I am currently trying to learn the Chen 38 form your DVD. You are an excellent instructor and someday I hope to meet you in person.

Thank You. Hamid Choughale

P.S. My Kung Fu instructor was Chinese and was willing to teach me as much as he could. He was an exception to the rule.

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