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The Road Back -- Why I Move, an Article in an Online Health Newsletter

The past two years have been full of challenges. My kung-fu might be the reason I'm alive, according to some of my doctors.

Last weekend, I was asked to write my story for a regional online health newsletter. Here is the link (and forgive them for saying I'm a "master" -- I'm not a master, just an enthusiastic teacher and student). :)


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Gary Liu

Sorry to hear of your health challenges Ken. But very well done on pursuing your dream of refining and perfecting your martial arts!

I think the abdominal breathing from the qigong acts as a great "second heart" to circulate your blood. An advantage of your background. So with fingers crossed it will be more than a few years of living for you!

It is inspiring to read your blog and does much for me in the days when motivation to train is low. Thank you for that.

David Gaffney

Hi Ken,
Great inspiring article, I've passed it around my students as an example of real training attitude with no excuses.
Regards from the UK

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