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The Fantasy Continues - Why Do People Believe in the No-Touch Knockdown?

People believe a lot of strange things. There truly is a sucker born every minute. Con artists know this, and that's why there is no shortage of con artists.

In martial arts schools, some instructors aren't satisfied with developing martial skills. They want more. They want people to see them as supernatural.

So they tell their students they can knock them down without touching them. Then they put their students in front of them, and the student -- who has now been told what he is expected to do -- plays along so his teacher doesn't look bad.

My friends, there is no such thing as the no-touch knockout. No human being can knock you down using only his "energy." He must use a weapon of some type.

What amazes me also is the willingness of "teachers" to put this garbage out for public viewing. Here are two more videos that are on YouTube. The first is by a student of George Dillman, who has become a joke after a long martial arts career.


Below is another one. I offer these bozos the same thing I've offered chi "masters" for the past ten years. If they can do this to me, I'll give them $5,000 on the spot. They have to agree to allow the media to attend, and they will agree to reimburse me for my travel costs if they fail. Since my challenge was first made 10 years ago in Inside Kung-Fu magazine, no one has taken me up on this offer. Well, of course not. They know I won't play along. I will reveal them to be as dishonest as these videos.

To any student who comes across a teacher who makes this claim, I urge you to run out the door and not give him a penny of your money. Find a teacher who will teach you something real, not more of this crazy fantasy. 


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I met Dilman back in the day. He stuck his thumb in my ear, about to piss me off........Stupid martial arts.


If I want someone to give me a Wet Willie, it aint going to be George Dillman. :)

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