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An Email from the United Kingdom

I get nice emails every week from people who have purchased DVDs and are surprised by what they receive. I'm certainly not the highest level martial artist out there, but I try to teach specifics and principles that other teachers either don't teach or take a long time to get there.

I'm not identifying the author of this email but I was extremely gratified by his comments. He purchased 7 or 8 DVDs in the past three days. He had purchased a DVD earlier and I had given him two weeks free in my online school. I do this for everyone who buys a DVD for the first time. This was his message to me this morning:

"Your web site and your lessons are of extremely high caliber, better than anything I've found anywhere else on the web. Your DVDs are just incredible, you get to the very foundations of these internal arts. Your teaching method is truly inspirational and a delight to follow. if I lived near by I would sign up to your classes in an instant.

I have been studying Chen taiji for a number of years here in the UK and now being on the wrong side of 50 years of age, I hope my journey is still going to continue to be long, enjoyable, and fruitful. These DVDs in conjunction with the classes I attend here at present are more than enough to keep me busy. I have already spent many fascinating hours working with your DVDs and for the first time I'm beginning to get an understanding of the internal arts. This is down to you, so thank you very much for pointing the are indeed a true teacher."

Every now and then, a message like this makes me realize why I started making DVDs and why I created the online school. There are so many people learning the arts that aren't learning the principles and the foundation -- for whatever reason. I knew that I could get to the point on video and help people. I don't pass very many emails on like this. It made my day. 



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