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The Core of Tai Chi - Body Mechanics and "Energies"

New E-Book Free with Silk-Reeling DVD Set and for the Online School Members

Silk-Reeling1-250 It took about 3 days but I finished an e-book today that will be given free to members of the online schooland to anyone who buys a Silk-Reeling DVD set.

The e-book is in pdf format. It's 34 pages long and contains 85 photos and detailed descriptions of 18 silk-reeling exercises.

These exercises are key in the development of internal strength and proper body mechanics for Tai Chi, Bagua, and Hsing-I.

E-books are great companions for DVDs because you can print them out and then use them as a reference when you don't have access to video.

Tai Chi and Bagua forms are made up of silk-reeling exercises in a way. Each movement is infused with the coiling and spiraling movements of silk-reeling. Chen Wangting developed this concept about 350 years ago when he created Tai Chi in the Chen Village.

I find the exercises to be an outstanding way for beginners to learn the key physical skills for internal body mechanics. Those skills are:

1. Establishing and maintaining the ground path

2. Maintaining peng jin through each movement

3. Whole-body movement

4. Silk-reeling energy

5. Dan T'ien rotation

6. Opening and closing the kua

The silk-reeling exercises help you develop all these skills.


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