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New Hsing-I DVD - The Ba Shih (8 Methods) Form

Hsing-I-BaShih-DVD-250 I've completed my 17th instructional DVD -- devoted to the intermediate Hsing-I Chuan form called "Ba Shih" (8 Methods).

It's recommended that you have reached a little skill with the Five Fist Postures and the Linking Form ("Lien Huan Wu Hsing") before tackling Ba Shih.

This DVD is more than just repeated movements. There is detailed instruction of each movement in the form, plus a section on fighting applications that teaches body mechanics in detail -- mechanics that will help you do the form even better.

The DVD includes:

** A full speed and slow motion view of the complete form.

** A rear view of the complete form.

** A detailed instruction section that breaks down each movement.

** A fighting applications section with an emphasis on internal body mechanics.

** BONUS SECTION -- How to Do Fa-Jing (Issuing Energy) -- Concepts and exercises to develop this widely misunderstood skill.

If you're interested, click here. As usual, there's a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied for any reason.


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