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The Controversy of Falun Gong and its Repression in China

In recent years, it is said that the Chinese government represses members of the Falun Gong cult

Some people like to claim that the Falun Gong has something to do with tai chi.

Sima Nan is an investigator who tried for years to find a real chi master in China. As an investigative reporter, he was beaten severely by the followers of some masters who turned out to be frauds. In fact, Sima Nan (who is Chinese) never found a real chi master.

Hmmmm, so what does that tell you? 

When I first heard about how horribly the Chinese government was treating the Falun Gong followers, I did some research. The Falun Gong believe there is an eye in the sky and if you meditate long enough, you can see anything that happens around the world.

Okee dokee, then. As Woody Allen said, "Excuse me, but I'm needed back on the planet Earth."

Here is an interview with Sima Nan about the Falun Gong. It sheds a little light about the founder. There are reports that hundreds of Falun Gong believers have died as a result of government action. That, of course, would be very unfortunate. But our own government was investigating the Jim Jones cult when that tragedy happened, and a congressman was shot to death at Jonestown when the mass suicide happened. Should the "spiritual" beliefs of people be subject to investigation, or should they be left alone to be taken advantage of by folks like Jim Jones and the founder of the Falun Gong? 

It's an interesting controversy, but it has nothing to do with tai chi or chi kung. The Falun Gong is a cult. 


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