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New Book on Chen Tai Chi - The Essence of Taijiquan

EssenceTaijiDavid Gaffney and Davidine Siaw-Voon Sim are two Chen Tai Chi (also spelled Taiji) students and teachers who are producing excellent books on this amazing art. They are the founders of Chenjiagou Taijiquan GB (Great Britain).

The newest book is called The Essence of Taijiquan. It has been endorsed by Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang. David is a disciple. Follow this link to buy it.


Here's a description of the book from the website: 

"This book explains the turbulent recent history of Chenjiagou, birthplace of Taijiquan, and how this has shaped the art we practise today. It presents a comprehensive introduction to the overlapping steps that make up the traditional Chen Taijiquan syllabus. Topics include: Understanding Qi in a practical way; Taijiquan as a combat system; Deciphering the boxing canon of Chen Wangting, the creator of Taijiquan; The correct attitude required for successful practice etc.. Throughout the book lies an underlying theme of demystifying the art and appreciating it within the cultural framework of generations of Chenjiagou practitioners. In a range of articles, the final chapter sees some of today’s leading practitioners give their insights into the multifaceted art of Chen Taijiquan."


Their first book, Chen Style Taijiquan: The Source of Taiji Boxing was an outstanding debut, and one that I recommend.

I ordered the book today. It's important to support efforts like these because they help all of us develop deeper insights into the art of Tai Chi.


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