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ChiKungDVD250 A few years ago, I put some good chi kung exercises on DVD. It was 35 minutes long. I've never liked to spend my money on short instructional DVDs. Some of my single DVDs run up to 2 1/2 hours, so I've always felt that 35 minutes wasn't enough.

I've now expanded the Chi Kung DVD to include the Eight Pieces of Brocade and 36 exercises that make up the Yi Jing Ching -- the Palm Set, the Fist Set, and the Moving Set. Buy the DVD through PayPal.

I've practiced these exercises since 1987, and they helped me learn to center myself in just about any situation -- from tense situations at work, to the highway when someone cuts me off, even to the dentist's chair. The best give of Chi Kung practice is teaching yourself to remain centered at all times.

Here's the real secret behind Chi Kung. It isn't magical and it isn't mystical or supernatural (oh, how people want you to believe it's supernatural). What Chi Kung does is teach you to calm the mind and body -- then recreate that feeling when you find yourself in a tense situation.

Stress is very hard on your body. Easing stress enables your body to work more efficiently. Chi Kung teaches you how to ease stress. These exercises are easy to learn but it takes weeks and months of practice to internalize the principles. It takes a while to learn to relax the body (we aren't taught to do that normally) and calm the mind.

Check out the new DVD. If you're not practicing Chi Kung, it will help you start on the road to a more balanced mind, and hopefully a more balanced life.


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