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Another "Chi Master" Preys on the Weak-Minded

This guy sent me this video link by email. Apparently he's on the Internet trolling for stupid. Talk about spam!!!

I sent him a reply challenging him. I'll give him $5,000 if he'll do this to me.

Notice that when he's behind his student, he moves his hands in reaction to the way the body is moving. When the student can see his hands, the movement of his body matches the hands a lot more closely.

The sad thing is -- this was shot in 1987, so this guy has been fooling a lot of gullible, weak-minded, supernatural-seeking people for decades. Another sad thing is that all of these frauds -- from George Dillman to Rich Mooney -- give themselves an "out" -- an excuse -- because they know this doesn't work, and so when someone doesn't play along, they pull out the excuses. This guy below says that both people must be "connected." So if I faced him and he didn't move me (he can't because "empty force" is a lie) it's because I'm not connected. See how they work it?  


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From his website :

"If you’ve been reading stupid Chi Kung/Qigong or other Self-Help books, watching dumb instructional videos, sleeping through YouTube clips, or taking boring & worthless seminars, your search ends here!"

Yep. The search certainly does end there.


The irony is, if it ONLY works on people who are "connected" or "in touch" with their chi, what's the point? The drunk guy at the bar who thinks he can beat you up is not "connected." The bad guy who breaks into your house with intent to harm is likely not "connected." The odds of needing to defend yourself against someone who is in touch with their chi is *almost* worse than the odds of this stuff actually working. :)

The sad thing is that George Dillman seems to be somewhat respected in the martial arts world.


Wow, I couldn't even get through it. He now owes me 5 minutes of my life back.... I've seen better acting in Versus (look it up, Yakuza vs Vampires vs Zombies....)


Dale, I used to respect Dillman, too, until he started telling people that he could do this. He gives himself a good out, though. For example, if you stick your big toe up as he's trying to do empty force on you, it doesn't work. Nonsense like that. Blocks the chi, you know.

Why would a guy like Dillman destroy his reputation at the end of his career like that? I guess ego and the need for power get the best of some people -- the need to be seen as having supernatural powers.

Humans are so ready to believe it, though, that these guys will never run out of followers. Humans will believe anything supernatural - just walk into any church in the world and listen to what they talk about and you'll understand this fact about human beings -- it doesn't matter how outlandish it is, someone will always believe because they need to believe.

Jim Sanborne

Wow. There are a lot of Rich Mooney guys living all over the USA. Many in Martial Arts. Other then you, I have not seen anyone else vent about any of them. What did one of them do to grab your goat?

Ken Gullette

Jim, I'm not the only one. I was a pretty lonely voice for integrity back around 1999, but in the couple of decades since, many more martial artists have come out against phonies. I don't think they "got my goat." If you practice the internal arts and people who pretend to have supernatural powers pervert the image of the art, it's your responsibility to call them on it. I put my money where my mouth is. I offer any of these guys $5,000 on the spot if they will do their powers on me and they can get me to move and fall and hop like their dishonest partners do in their videos. No one has taken me up on that offer. Remember this post is from 2009 -- 13 years ago. I probably would not word it the same way. I have grown a little less harsh in my wording. But dishonesty is dishonesty. It's okay to call it what it is.

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