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Robert Reppert

Numerous times courts have upheld the right to defend ones property even with lethal force. One thing few people know is that a fleeing suspect of a felony not only can be stopped with lethal force but it is actually the duty of citizens to do so as they are considered a public danger. A gas station manager in WA when I lived near there for example shotgunned a fleeing robber to death and was not charged and advised by police to even kick apart "memorials" peace beatniks setup on his property.

That being said however, what is wise to do? In the case of the gas station robbery the robber was fleeing and had threatened the employees and patrons. He very much was still a danger to society around him as he fled. It could be argued that in THIS case the perp. wasn't a danger and had he been left alone would have moved on and possibly only charged with trespass. I don't think this was a wise way to deal with the perp. but as always hindsight is 20/20.

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