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Interesting Biography of a Chen Tai Chi Master, Chen Zhao Pei

Chen-Zhaopi Chen Zhao Pei was the uncle of Chen Xiaowang and Chen Xiaoxing and was one of their teachers. He was a highly regarded master of Chen Tai Chi who taught the art even when the Chinese government tried to stop martial arts from being practiced. It's because of men like Chen Zhao Pei that the art has flourished.

Here is a great bio article written by his son.

The interesting thing about these masters is the total dedication they gave to Tai Chi. It's true that some Americans have a self-esteem problem, saying that "we'll never be as good as the masters from China."  But if we spent 8 to 10 hours a day for 30 years working at Tai Chi, we would be as good.

I have a good friend who is a really good golfer, compared to me. But put him up against Tiger Woods and he'll look like a chump. Tiger has devoted his life to his sport. Most of us don't have that option, or choose not to take it. Most people with jobs and families are lucky if they can squeeze out a half-hour per day for practice. You're extremely dedicated if you can practice an hour a day.

The secret to Tai Chi success is to realize this, accept it, and take satisfaction in the "baby steps" that result in real progress over time. There are always people with egos who learn the moves to a couple of forms and then think they know Tai Chi. Many of the teachers you see around the country have done this, and their instruction is very shallow. The unfortunate thing is that their students believe they're learning Tai Chi, but they aren't.

The stories of people like Chen Zhao Pei are inspiring. Real skill, and real success in any job or any field almost requires the incredible focus that people like him bring to their job, their art, or their sport.


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