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Bagua Basic Skills DVD Finally Finished!!!

BaguaDVD-1-250Putting this bagua DVD together has been like giving birth, except the stretch marks aren't as bad with a DVD. I completed the thing a few days ago but it took me 3 full days to figure out how to get 2 1/2 hours of instruction onto one DVD.

I didn't want to have to divide it into two DVDs because I would have to charge more, and it's a bigger pain to copy extra DVDs. I like giving a lot of value for the money, so all of this will cost the regular DVD price of $25 with free shipping in the U.S. and Canada -- a $5.00 shipping charge for International orders.

Baguazhang Basic Skills offers instruction--with an emphasis on body mechanics--in the following:

***Circle-walking, circle-walking patterns, and other stepping techniques.

***Switching exercises, the 8 mother palms and their fighting applications.

***Tea-Serving exercises and their fighting applications.

***Stationary pole exercises.

***Moving pole exercises and their fighting applications.

***The Cheng-style 8 Basic Palms form -- a demonstration and specific instruction in each movement, with an emphasis on body mechanics.

***Fighting applications for the movements in the 8 Basic Palms form.

I've studied bagua since 1988, and I've seen a lot of bagua videos. Very few go into the body mechanics you need to accomplish the internal mechanics, especially the silk-reeling that's so important to bagua. The techniques and the form taught here are required for first-level bagua students that I teach. My aim in putting this together was to provide information that can help students of any bagua style.

U.S. - Canada Orders Click the Button Below:

International Orders Click the Button Below:


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Harmony Star

Wow - you sure do get a lot accomplished! I love the cover design! Way to go, Sifu Daddy!


Gary Liu

Looking forward to this!

Hey Ken, as a matter of interest, with your wide cirriculum, how do you structure your own practice? It would literally take quite a few days to train everything, even just to maintain everything and the forms in memory.


Gary, it's been a challenge since I started teaching nearly 12 years ago. The material in our curriculum up to black sash is mind-boggling compared to most systems, and since bagua is taught at the brown sash level, not as many students have gotten that far until the past few months. For the most part, I focused for years on Hsing-I and especially Chen tai chi. Last year I increased my bagua training. In a way, all the focus on Chen tai chi helped. I understand the silk-reeling aspects of bagua much better than I used to.

The most important training tool I've used -- and I just started this again a few days ago -- is to divide all the curriculum into seven sections and practice one section per day (plus additional forms). That way, you end up practicing the entire curriculum every week. After so many years, that's enough to keep it fresh in the mind.

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