How Do You Accept Coaching from Your Martial Arts Teacher?
New MP3 Audio - "Using Internal Arts for Street Combat"

New Monthly Internal Arts E-zine Devoted to Chen Tai Chi, Hsing-I and Bagua

I have given birth -- to a new monthly electronic newsletter on the Internal Arts.

The purpose is to provide information and insight that might help your training. Future issues will include calendars with upcoming workshops by internal arts masters and more interactive items like videos and audio files.

It's in pdf format and you can click here to Download InternalFightingArts-Issue1 . The links are live if you read it from your computer, but you can also print it out.

If anyone has suggestions on articles -- or if you'd like to write one -- send me an email. There are a few people who post here occasionally that I'd enjoy seeing articles from (Jim, Evan, Sean, are you listening). :) This month's guest editorial is from one of my teachers, Sifu Phillip Starr.



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Sean C. Ledig

Write for you? Okay, but I don't work for free. It's gonna cost you.

In your case, I don't want any money. I just want to pick your brain.

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