Albert Einstein and a Lesson about Tai Chi, Hsing-I and Bagua
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jim criscimagna

HI Ken,

This clip is taken from a boxed set of DVD's CXW made in 2006, while Angie and I were in Chenjiagou for our baishi ceremony. The boxed set of DVD's contain the Chen curriculum, a large number of DVDs, something like 28 or so (I forget exactly). Very good quality in the production, except for the changing of backgrounds during the forms (use of a green screen it seems). And the "Chinglish" is a bit funny sometimes, but the information is good and the footage shows CXW as he teaches the forms and other aspects of the style.

I rather like the original background myself, as the DVDs were shot in the vilage, mostly at the Chen temple. I found the changing background artsy, but a bit of distraction.

Good find, there are more clips from the set on Youtube, I believe.


Ken Gullette

I have a few of those DVDs. I enjoy them but the constantly changing backgrounds are goofy! Someone was in love with their editing software! :)

You're right, the original background is perfect.

Dave Deich

Do you have a specific DVD title that would indicate which DVD out of that set has the form applications?

I have 5 of the DVDs from that set but none of mine have that explanation of applications.

Ditto on the changing backgrounds - they are a distraction


I don't know which DVD this is from. I'll do some research. I'd like to have it. If you haven't tried my fighting applications DVDs, you might enjoy them. 400 applications shown for Laojia Yilu. I'm not Chen Xiaowang, but the DVDs have gotten great reviews.

Dave Deich

Thanks Ken,
Just ordered the 3-DVD set

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