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A Dragon Stretches its Claws - Bagua Fighting Applications

Switching250-1 Bagua is a fascinating martial art -- circling and changing, taking control of your opponent's center and countering.

A common movement in Bagua is sometimes called "switching," and it is part of the movement "Green Dragon Stretches its Claws."

It's an excellent fighting application for the street or even for tournament sparring.

Here's how it works: in Photo 1, the opponent's punch is met with a deflecting arm. This is easily done if you connect with your opponent and anticipate his attack.

Switching250-2In Photo 2, you turn the arm with the waist and with whole-body movement, starting with the ground. As you do this, your opponent's arm is flung into emptiness and often, his back is now turned.

In Photo 3, you take advantage of his vulnerability and deliver counter strikes, in this case a palm strike to the head.

Like any art, learning to use Bagua for self-defense takes a very long time. You must start with the basics and lay a good foundation by working on circle-walking, the mother palms and their applications, and basic fighting techniques -- one-by-one.

Switching250-3There are many video lessons on Bagua fighting techniques in our online school, and more are being added all the time.

I'm working with Chris Miller in these photos. Also pictured are Kim Kruse (green sash) and Kim Miller.

I'm also editing my first Bagua DVD, which should be finished within a week. It will be at least 90 minutes of basic Bagua techniques, instruction for tea-serving exercises, mother palms, circle-walking, a basic palms form, and fighting applications for almost all of these.


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I get dibs on the first Bagua DVD that you burn! :)

Ken Gullette

Evan, you never let me down. :))

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