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2009 U.S. Workshop Tours for Chen Xiaowang and Chen Xiaoxing

Two of the top Chen Tai Chi grandmasters will tour the U.S. again in 2009. If you have a chance to train with them, you should do it. There is a little information missing on a couple of these. I'll try to fill in the blanks soon. Also, Chen Bing is making another U.S. tour this year. I'm trying to track down information (his are just about the best workshops you can attend).

Chen Xiaowang 2009 Schedule

August 15-16 -- Washington, D.C.   Contact C.P. Ong

August 22-23 -- Flushing, NY  Contact Ren Guangyi

August 29-30 -- San Francisco  Contact Tony Wong

Sept. 5-6 -- San Luis Obispo, CA  Contact Liu Yu

Sept. 11-13 -- San Diego, CA  Contact Bill/Allison Helm

Sept. 18-20 -- Seattle, WA  Contact Kim Ivy

Sept. 25-27 -- Chicago, IL  Contact Andy Loria

Oct. 3-4 -- Troy, MI  Contact Han Hoong Wang

Oct. 7-11 -- Miami, FL  Contact James Cravens

Chen Xiaoxing 2009 U.S. Schedule

April 18-19 -- Chicago, IL  Contact Andy Loria

April 25-26 -- New Jersey  Contact Mitch Magpiong

May 2-3 -- Washington, D.C.  Contact Stephan Berwick

May 9-10 -- Seattle, WA  Contact Kim Ivy

May 16-17 -- San Diego, CA  Contact Bill/Allison Helm


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