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Tai Chi Fighting Applications - When is a Punch Not a Punch?

TCApps33Big I'm editing the third DVD in the series on Laojia Yilu fighting applications. This important Chen tai chi form has 75 movements--many of them repeated more than once--and the DVD series takes a look at each movement (without repeating them) and uncovers around 400 fighting applications.

As I edit this third DVD--the final one in the series on Laojia Yilu--I'm putting each movement and its applications on the online school for members to see first.

The DVD starts with movement 33 in Laojia Yilu -- Punch the Ground. Within the first three movements--Punch the Ground, Turn Body Round and Double Kick, and Protect the Heart Fist--there are 30 fighting applications demonstrated. The photo here shows my favorite application of Punch the Ground--a throw. When is a punch not a punch? When you snake your arm under your opponent's armpit, turn, and punch the ground.

I'm having a lot of fun with this series. I shot the video before moving from Tampa (I really miss that weather since we have snow on the ground here in the Quad Cities). When I get this done, I'll begin work on a new DVD on bagua fighting applications.


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Hi Ken. I think it's awesome to share your experience and knowledge not only through the online school but via free sample clips!

The dvd sounds interesting as there are some movements in laojia yilu where I have been curious about the application.

Ken Gullette

Thanks, Wujimon. The first two DVDs are already available. And if you haven't already, sign up for the free 5-part course on the home page of the online school. It shows a lot of applications for the first 5 movements of Laojia Yilu.


Thanks, Ken. I didn't know about the free 5 part course on the homepage. I will definitely check it out.

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