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New DVD - Hsing-I Staff Form plus Staff Fighting Techniques

HsingiStaff250 My newest DVD is hot off the presses -- the Hsing-I Staff Form. It's 90 minutes of classroom instruction on this strong Hsing-I staff form that captures the essence of the five fist postures: splitting, drilling, crushing, pounding, and crossing.

The form is appropriate for students who have already studied the fist postures. It's a good form just for Hsing-I practice, but it's also strong enough to win in tournament competition.

This DVD includes demonstrations of the form, from a front and rear view and in slow motion.

Following the demonstrations, I lead a class through the form step-by-step, with an emphasis on the internal body mechanics that make this such a powerful form.

Next, there's a section in which each movement is broken down into its fighting application. You'll watch--or practice along--as students are shown the fighting application and practice for each movement.

My weapons philosophy is clear -- if you're going to learn a weapons form, you must learn how to fight with that weapon. So the last half-hour of the DVD shows the class practicing staff stances, grips, blocking and striking techniques, and one-steps with a partner.

All the video in this DVD is already on the online school in the form of video lessons, and members of the school can buy the DVD at a big discount on the school's website.

Here is a clip from the applications section of the DVD:


The cost of the DVD is $25.00 and it includes free shipping. If you're interested in this DVD, click the "Buy it Now" button below. You can pay through your PayPal account or with a credit card. There's a money back guarantee if you don't like the DVD.




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