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Silk-Reeling DVD Packs 2 1/2 hours of Instruction into Two Discs

Sre250 One of the key skills needed for Tai Chi (and Baguazhang) is silk-reeling energy, or chan si jin. When Chen Wangting created Tai Chi nearly 400 years ago in the Chen Village, he invented the concept of silk-reeling energy and made it a core component of the art.

I know from my personal experience as a student and from many of the tai chi folks that I meet around the country (not the Chen folks) that silk-reeling energy is misunderstood. In fact, some of the information that some teachers pass on is downright inaccurate.

Silk-reeling energy is a physical skill, just like any other skill in the internal arts. It isn't mystical or magical, and you can't develop it by "cultivating chi" or by imagining your chi spiraling through your body.

I've been working with my students on silk-reeling for many years, and the instruction I've received from my teachers and through contact with members of the Chen family have helped me learn the concepts.

My newest DVD is a 2-disc set with just over 2 1/2 hours of instruction. There are 18 silk-reeling exercises demonstrated with detailed instruction on body mechanics (something that isn't easy to find on video). There are several private lessons with a silk-reeling novice that you can eavesdrop on to see corrections being made and to check yourself to see if you're making the same mistakes. There is also a bonus section on tai chi's pole-shaking exercise, which helps develop connected body mechanics and fa-jing.

This DVD set is the perfect companion piece to the Internal Strength DVD and will continue your internal strength education if you've purchased that DVD in the past.

Because it's a 2-disc set, I've had to boost the price to cover the extra cost but I think it's worth it (it's only $29.99), and there's a money back guarantee if you disagree. :)  You can buy the DVD set through PayPal using your major credit card or your PayPal account. FREE SHIPPING!


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Sean C. Ledig

Note to customers of these DVD's - Speaking as Ken's guinea pig, let me say that the silk reeling DVD will kick your asses.

Filming silk reeling has been one of the most humbling experiences of my 30-plus years of martial arts. It is incredibly basic, yet demanding, detail-oriented and strenuous. It's really taught me what I don't know about internal training.


It's good to have those humbling moments. I've had plenty myself. There's always something to learn.


Don Gilmer

Hi Ken- just wanted you to know that I received your CD's, I watched just a little of the opening on silk reeling- it looks very well done- I plan to get started this weekend.
Thanks again

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