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Pizza Clerk Knocks Out Robber

Speaking of real-life violence, here's a video of a pizza clerk who decided to fight back when a robber slapped him. A couple of punches and the robber is knocked out cold.

I saw the pizza clerk interviewed on the Today Show this morning. He's 17 and has no martial arts experience. Imagine what would have happened to the robber if a trained martial artist had treated his face like a couple of boards to break.

As Bugs Bunny, famous martial artist, might say, "What a maroon!"


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Sean C. Ledig

Let me guess as to the follow-up to this story.

Every two-bit turkey buzzard personal injury lawyer in that town has been calling the robber at the county jail offering to represent him in a personal injury lawsuit against that clerk and the pizza place.

Meanwhile, assuming that this is some chain pizza joint, like Hungry Harry's or Little Sneezer's, uh, I mean Little Ceasar's, that clerk lost his job. The policy of those places, as well as chain fast-food joints and convenience stores, is to simply give the robber what he

Employees who attempt to defend themselves are exposing the store to legal liability. Defending yourself during a robbery is generally verboten by the employee manual and grounds for dismissal.

Under pressure from their insurance carrier, the pizza shop will quickly and quietly pay a large settlement to the robber to avoid going to court. The costs of defending such cases is often more than the few grand it'll take to shut up that robber.

After the lawyer takes his 30 percent cut, the robber will blow through his remaining cash on a coke binge. Assuming he doesn't overdose, he'll be back to robbing cash registers in no time.

Is this a great country or what?!

Steven Rogers

Wow do you see the size of the dent he made on that table. He deserved every hit he got. Speaking of idiots heres another good one.

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