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90 Lessons in 30 Days

Chenbswordbig I'm working on the new website between 8 and 11 hours a day. It's going well and every day I'm putting up to 45 minutes of video lessons on the site. It takes a tremendous amount of time to practice and shoot the lessons, and even more time to edit, render the video for the web, and actually place it into the site. There's also the time with Photoshop, taking thumbnail photos from the video lessons to identify the lesson on the site.

To save costs, and because I can, I do it all myself, with Nancy videotaping me (and training partners if needed). It would cost many thousands of dollars to hire this out.

I got the idea for the site 3 months ago this week. Actually, I had the idea some time before that, but didn't have the opportunity to spend time on it until mid-April. Since that time, I've been working full-blast. And I've promised members of the site that there will be 90 new lessons on the site in the next 30 days.

It's pretty gratifying to see people join from Japan, France, the Netherlands, and across the U.S. The feedback has been excellent.

Another positive result -- all the material I'm shooting will end up very soon on new DVDs. Meanwhile, the old website is still up, but it's mostly for selling DVDs and hosting the Flash video files that are running on the new site. 


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