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Jim Criscimagna

Hi Ken,

I saw this study a few months ago. Pretty interesting, huh? What I found very curious was that it wasn't Feng's Hun Yuan Chen Taijiquan being demonstrated, but Bajiquan.

I know Michael Dorgan, used to be a classmate of his under George Xu back in the late 80s. Micheal is now a disciple of Feng Zhiqiang and helped set up the study as noted in the study on the Standford site.


Sean C. Ledig

Ken, you don't know what you're talking about.

There's nothing scientific about it! It's all chi!!!

He wouldn't need to move a muscle if he didn't want to. He could just shoot the chi from his hands, like Iron Man shooting his repulsor rays.

Science. fftttt! Who needs it?! Just give me my incredible chi power and I can wreck mountains!

Bob Gotsch

In my Tai Chi school (Yang) we learn how LITTLE force it takes, with spiraling movement, to deflect.

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