NBC News Looks at Tai Chi -- Sort of
Shout Out to Students over Tournament Wins

Nearly 250 Fighting Applications in 22 Tai Chi Movements

I just completed Volume 2 in the DVD series "Tai Chi Fighting Applications." It picks up where Vol. 1 left off. I'm exploring all 75 movements of the Chen form "Laojia Yilu." So far, the first two DVDs cover the first 31 movements of the form (no movements are duplicated on the DVDs so we go through 22 actual movements) and approximately 242 fighting applications are demonstrated from those movements.

This series is a tremendous amount of fun and a LOT of work. It will give you plenty of material to work on. Naturally, you can buy both DVDs on the website.

Here's a short clip with a couple of applications from two movements. On the first two movements of volume two we uncover 33 fighting applications. Chen tai chi is an amazing martial art.


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