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My training partner Tom is coming over this morning to continue taping the first DVD in what will be a series exploring as many fighting applications as possible in the Chen tai chi Laojia Yilu form.

There are over 600 fighting applications in that form. Master it, and you have a complete fighting art. I started editing what we've already shot, and the applications for the 1st and 2nd moves -- Commencing the Form and Buddha's Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar -- lasts almost half an hour. That's how many fighting applications there are. Of course, I'm also going through the body mechanics for some of the movements, too, but the amount of information hidden in these forms is amazing. Hand strikes, kicks, takedowns, elbow and shoulder strikes, knee strikes, chin-na -- it's all there.

I'm hoping to have the first one done within a couple of weeks (give or take a week).


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 Harry Hansen

Do you have a YiLu DVD showing the form similar to the excellent Chen Tai Chi 19 Movement Form DVD you made. The front, side and back views are tremendously helpful.


Thanks, Harry. There's a lot of Yilu video on the online school, along with individual lessons for each of the movements. I haven't yet compiled them all on a DVD but I need to do that soon. Thanks for the reminder. :)

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