An Important Skill that Many Hsing-I and Tai Chi Students Need
Comment About New Hsing-I DVD and a Good Point about Self-Defense

An Invitation to Friends, Students, and DVD Customers

I'm teaching in a different way these days--through the web and through DVDs. Almost every day, someone from somewhere in the world buys a DVD, and it's gratifying when they come back to buy other DVDs.

One repeat customer from Japan recently emailed me and said, "These are the best internal arts and Hsing-I videos I've ever seen." Now that was really appreciated.

Right now, I'm editing the first in a series of Tai Chi Fighting Applications DVDs. It's an exciting project because unlike most DVDs on the market, I'm exploring each movement, as many fighting applications for each one as possible, and the body mechanics that make it powerful. My training partner Tom, a 23-year old TKD black belt, comes over to the house and we work it out while Nancy runs the video camera.

I'd like to invite any of my students or people who have bought DVDs to submit questions or requests for information or explanations that I can post here on the blog. I like for this blog to be a teaching tool, and that's why even when I post a video clip (an excuse to plug a new DVD) I make sure the clip teaches something. I want people to walk away from everything I do with a nugget of information they either didn't have before or needed to be reminded.

So, if you have questions or information you'd like to share, feel free to comment and I'll get them. If it's something that can help our community of visitors, I'll use it and embellish on it with my response.


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Chris Miller

Stepping techniques and their applications. So often we focus on what the hands are doing (or arms, elbows,etc) that we forget about what the legs could be doing. The body as a fist :) I haven't seen anything around for applications that mentions even the simple things, let alone demonstrating them.

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