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Chen Xiaowang 2008 U.S. Seminar Tour

Congratulations to Student Tournament Competitors

We had a good showing at John Morrow's Spring Tune-Up Tournament in Moline, Illinois on Saturday. Students competed using Hsing-I and Chen Tai Chi forms in an open tournament.

Kim Schaber won 1st in forms and 1st in weapons. She also won 2nd in sparring.

Kim Miller won 1st in sparring and 1st in forms. She won 2nd in weapons.

Chris Miller won 1st in forms and 2nd in sparring.

Colin Frye won 2nd in forms, 3rd in weapons and 4th in sparring.

Steve Rogers won 2nd in weapons, 3rd in forms and 2nd in sparring.

Great job, everyone! Keep up the hard work!! I wish I had been there!


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Steven Rogers

I hope you will have some videos of your wins for this years tournaments.

just a correction I actually got 2nd in weapons and 3rd in forms.

Sean C. Ledig

Ken, congrats to your students. I think it says a lot about the quality of your teaching that they're able to pick up where you left off and keep going on their own.

BTW: Steve Rogers is one of your students? You mean, you're the one who taught Captain America? (LOL)


Sean, the first time I met Steve I told him that he was my favorite comic book character. I think he wanted to kick my ass. You should watch out. :)

Steven Rogers

Why must I constantly be surrounded by comic book nerds.

Sean C. Ledig

Hey Steve,

You brought it on yourself by becoming a martial artist.

Comic geeks are very over-represented in the martial arts world. I personally know three black belts who've managed comic book stores.

You see, most of us loved to read about superheroes when we were kids. We wanted to be superheroes when we grew up.

But sooner or later, we realized that spider bites usually don't do anything but cause infections and high doses of radio-activity would kill you long before it gives you super powers. So, we followed the example set by guys like Batman, the Phantom, the Spirit and others and work for our super powers.

I should also mention that my Jeet Kune Do sifu loves The Incredible Hulk.

My Chen Tai Chi sifu said he used to read The Phantom when he was a kid. In those days, they had a page with "judo and karate tricks." He used to bug his parents to let him go to the Denver School of Judo.

Of course, comic books used to be full of ads that said things like "Fear No Man" or "I'll Make You a Master of Karate."

And you know the Dog Brothers, out of Huntington Beach, CA. who hold full contact stickfighting matches? They got their name out of a Conan the Barbarian comic book.

I remember how Ken's eyes lit up when he saw a Mad Magazine anthology on my desk at work.

So if you want to avoid comic geeks, get out of martial arts! (LOL)

And Ken, I had no idea you were such a fan of Captain America. He's one of my favorites, too.

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