Saturday Tai Chi in the Park
New Video on Self-Defense and Joint Locks

New E-Book for Internal Strength DVD

Internal_exercise_3 I've finally completed the e-book that I'm giving away free to anyone who buys the Internal Strength DVD. The e-book is a great companion reference--you can print it out and use it to practice the 25 exercises on the DVD.

The e-book has more than 50 photos. It's in pdf format. It's around 34 pages long.

The DVD has really surprised me since I finished it around the first of the year. It's by far my best-seller. Buyers around the world email me and tell me how much it's helping them. It's very gratifying.

The internal arts path is a long and difficult one. I spent years and thousands of dollars learning the things that I put on this DVD. I'm spending more time learning more advanced skills, and everything new that I learn opens up a new window into the real depth of Hsing-I, Tai Chi, and Bagua. It's always a humbling experience when you get a glimpse of the next level, and it can be frustrating when you realize just how much more there is to learn, and how much time it will take to develop the skill. But it's a good feeling at the same time.

As Chen Xiaowang says, "If it was easy, everyone would be Master."  :)

I've started editing the next DVD -- Fighting Applications of Hsing-I's Five Fist Postures." I originally wanted to finish it by the end of February, but it will likely be sometime in March when it's done.


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