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More Kind Words about the DVDs

Sometimes I open my email and it makes my day to see that my instruction is helping people. Here's part of an email I received today about the Internal Strength DVD:

"I am very pleased with the Internal Strength DVD.  I’ve studied Yang Tai Chi for a long time, and recently started looking at silk reeling.  I sometimes teach Tai Chi and balance classes for older folks.  I’ve heard most of what you say on the DVD, but apparently never really understood it as well as through your clear instruction and effective demonstration.  It’s not just understanding it -- it’s being quite inspired by it!  Your supportive teaching style is encouraging.  Thank you for your efforts to share your understanding and experience.

Thank you for allowing me to tell people that the Chi magical energy stuff doesn’t have to be believed literally to be useful for visualization."


Here's another message I received about the new Hsing-I Five Fist Postures DVD.

"I recieved the DVD I ordered and I must say that I'm quite pleased with the level of instruction presented. The material is extremely digestable and understandable to those with even alittle to moderate understanding of Hsing I Chuan. I look forward to more DVDs products from you."

Thanks to both of you. I've watched martial arts videos ever since the VCR hit the market around 1978 (when I bought my first VCR for nearly $1,000). I've been dissatisfied with most videos, especially the ones involving internal arts, because they mostly involve repeating movements with little real instruction on what lies beneath the movement---what makes it an "internal" art. Maybe most teachers don't want to give away the store, but what good is an instructional DVD that doesn't teach?

I plan on continuing to put what I know on DVD. I'll never be at the level of a Chen Xiaowang or Chen Xiaoxing, but you don't have to be at that level to be a teacher and to share what you know with people who may not be quite as far along. I'm having a lot of fun doing this, and it's gratifying to get messages like these.


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