Hilarious and Sad - Both at the Same Time
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When a Chi Master Meets A Real Fighter

Thanks to Evan for this clip that he found on YouTube. It's too good to keep on the comments section. It shows a "chi master" knocking his own students down without touching them, and then he claims to be able to beat any MMA fighter. He offers $5,000 to any MMA fighter who will take him on. No doubt his students believe he can win.

But then an MMA fighter accepts the challenge.

The result is exactly what would happen to ANY so-called "chi master." It's a beautiful thing to see a phony exposed so completely, and it would be very nice to see all of them in the same type of match. But don't count on it. I offered some chi masters $5,000 to make me wobble and they wouldn't take me up on it. Now you can see why. If they run up against someone who doesn't play along, they know they have nothing to back them up.

My friends, the internal arts are not mystical or magical. Any teacher who focuses on chi is missing the point. Any tai chi teacher who doesn't teach the martial aspects isn't worth studying with. There are so many people out there claiming or implying very strongly that they have tapped into some mysterious source of energy, it's an insult to anyone with a mind of their own and a few critical thinking skills. It's so nice to see one of them get what they have coming.


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Chris Miller

I have to say, I'm actually truly amazed that the "Master " accepted the challenge, let alone made a challenge. Freaking crazy.

Oh well.... kind of sad to see that old guy get trounced but he's a master. I guess he should have known better.


Maybe guys like this begin to believe their own lies. When enough students play along, maybe they start believing they really do have super powers. I wonder what excuses they made back at their dojo the next day? How did everyone rationalize this so they could go on believing his crap? You see, for those students to admit their teacher is a phony is to admit they were lying, too, and playing along during the demonstrations on video. They're caught in a trap of dishonesty. The best they can do to salvage their self esteem is to shrug it off with "it doesn't work on everyone" or "the guy obviously had his little toe sticking up and that blocked the chi" (yes, chi masters have actually used an excuse like that). When you believe something really stupid, you can always rationalize your way into maintaining that belief.

Evan Yeung

What gets me is if 'chi manipulation' is so easy to counter, what's the use? Why spend so much time on this ability if it's so unpredictable?

I guess its too painful to admit that something you've studied for years is bunk...

John C. Ewing

Mr. Yeung, The old "Sifu" did a great disservice to ones such as yourself - that is to say those just beginning the "path". As a well-traveled Army brat, and former Marine - since my training shifted from art to war, I scoffed at the weak internals(arts), as training tools for one never really having to defend themselves in a war environment. But fool that I was, "CHI", in it's many forms are always applicable. Examples: Imposing your will on another combatant. Or shrinking your "chi", to remain unseen. When two combatants with the same skillset clash, your "internals" might be the difference in the outcome. Sensing movement/body mechanics - and flowing with, or checking each. There are a miriad of things, that real chi manipulation can be applied to. Never seen a "Big Toe" block before though:)

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