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Internal Strength DVD Now on Sale

Internalcover3 I've met so many internal artists during the past 10 years who have no idea of the body mechanics required for Hsing-I, Tai Chi and Bagua. Some of these people have studied for years--even decades--and still haven't been told about some of the essential skills they need to do these arts properly.

The skills I'm talking about are establishing the ground path, using peng jin with the ground path, and combining both of these skills with silk-reeling energy and whole body movement. If you practice these four skills, your internal arts will rise to a higher level.

This DVD is 100 minutes long -- pretty long for a DVD -- and it's a private lesson. I work with a young taekwondo black belt who has never studied the internal arts. There are 25 internal strength exercises that you can practice with a partner, and much more.

To order, click on the PayPal button below. There's a 30-day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied.

I love the internal arts, and I keep studying and trying to learn more. When I learn something new, I pass it along to my students, and with this DVD, I'm attempting to reach all the internal artists in America whose teachers haven't taught them these skills (and there are thousands).


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Evan Yeung

I was surreptitiously peeking over my wife's shoulder as she ordered the DVD... looking forward to seeing it! :)


Evan, she's a good woman. You need to keep her. :)

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