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I'm blown away by what I learned tonight. At tournaments in 2007, five of my students walked away with a total of more than 40 trophies and medals. In the picture, from left to right, are Kim Miller, Steve Rogers, Kim Schaber, Jon Stratton, Chris Miller, and Jay Stratton. They've carried on, through the leadership of Chris and Kim Miller, after I moved away. My only black sash student, Rich Coulter, has started working out with them again (I think Kim and Chris will be reaching that point in the next year or so). We've also been trading videos through YouTube -- I've watched their performances and offered coaching tips to keep them moving forward. But they've worked hard on their own, each of them dedicated to kung fu and to the internal arts that we study.

The greatest thing about these guys -- they're each outstanding human beings; kind, considerate, helpful, fun, and they welcome anyone who seriously wants to learn. They're the kind of people that always made our school, as small as it was, a fun place to learn. Our classes involved a lot of laughter, but as you can see from the photo, the quality speaks for itself.

Wow, I'm proud of you, guys.

I personally competed in fewer tournaments in 2007 than any previous year since the early 90's because of the move to Tampa, but I swept a couple of tournaments early in the year and I plan on hitting the Florida tournament circuit big-time in 2008. And after our next grandchild is born in January, Nancy and I are making a return visit to the Quad Cities for some serious training, and to finish shooting the DVD on Hsing-I fist posture applications!

Congratulations everyone!!!!!


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Evan Yeung

Congrats to everyone! Looks like you need a pickup truck to take away all of the trophies...

Ken... any chance of a visit to Cincinnati anytime soon? If so, let me know!


Evan, I sure hope to get to Cincinnati soon and I'll let you know!

Sean C. Ledig

Congrats, Ken. Your students reflect well on you.

I'm also looking forward to hitting the tournament scene in 2008, especially the International Chinese Martial Arts Championship in Orlando and (hopefully) the Taiji Legacy in Texas.

With you in my corner, I know I'll do great!


Congrats everyone. Looks like Chris is trying to challenge my tournament victories. :)

Looking forward to meeting the other students I have not met yet.

Chris, hopefully the weather doesn't hold us up this weekend. We have work to do.



Challenge your tournament victories? You haven't been in a tournament for a few years. You're probably too old to cut it anymore.


27 years young and I still have it. :)

It's going to be great when all of us get to go to a tourmanet as a big group. I'm hoping to attend a tournament with the rest of the gang early 08.

I'll have Dan my prototype ready by then too. :)


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