Reality versus Theory in Fighting Applications
When a Chi Master Meets A Real Fighter

Hilarious and Sad - Both at the Same Time

Don't you feel a bit sorry for the students in this guy's school? The link takes you to a YouTube video showing a guy stopping his students in their tracks using his chi.

I see teachers like this and I think "just give me a shot, big guy." :) Let's see how strong your chi would be then.

Once, a guy told me that he could take a knife and by using qigong, he could try to cut himself with the knife and his skin wouldn't be cut. I said, "Give me the knife." That's when the excuses started--"Oh, I'm not at that level yet."

Like, whatever. :)

You see other "no touch knockout" guys like George Dillman always using that type of excuse. Usually it's the tired old, "It doesn't work on everyone," which is their way of saying it works--they have magical powers--but it doesn't work on someone who doesn't play along.

It's a shame the martial arts community doesn't rise up and hammer these guys for making the arts look so stupid.


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Sean C. Ledig

Here's an example of a good bit of satire from a teacher in St. Petersburg having a bit of fun with the chi concept.

Steve Rogers

Just think of it this way, it weeds the idiots out of the good classes.


I didn't think of it that way, Steve. Good job!!!

Evan Yeung

Don't forget this one!

It would be hilarious, if it wasn't so sad at the same time...

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