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Learning from Other Styles of Martial Arts

I worked out today with my friend Sean, and he brought along Don. Both have studied Hung Gar, and Sean has studied Wing Chun and Tai Chi. Don is also a former Navy Seal and has studied other martial arts.

We traded techniques and principles. Hung Gar has a lot of isometric tension going for it. The arts I do are more relaxed. But in exchanging techniques and showing each other things, I discovered a new martial application for one of the Chen Tai Chi movements. It was a very good feeling when the light bulb went on as Don was taking me through a Hung Gar application.

Sean also showed an excellent application for the "hold the ball" movement prior to "Part the Wild Horse's Mane" in Yang Tai Chi.

Both Sean and Don were interested in silk-reeling exercises and how the movements are used in fighting applications.

It was a fun couple of hours working together in the park.

Sometimes, we can get too hung up on the style that we study. There are many similarities in martial arts. If you open your mind and allow yourself to explore other arts and their techniques, it can sometimes enable you to see deeper into your own art.


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Sean C. Ledig

Damn. Now you done gone and made me blush.

Very nice post Ken. Don and I had a good time, too.

Saturday was the first time I did the silk reeling exercises without feeling like I couldn't walk when it was all over. I hope that means I'm finally getting it.


Really? You could walk? Damn, that means I didn't work with you long enough. :)

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