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So Much to Work On and So Little Time

Internal Body Mechanics and Strength

Instead of teaching classes right now, I've decided to take another route that will help me move forward in my own studies and teach at the same time. On Sunday, a very nice young man came to my home and we worked on internal strength drills as my wife Nancy videotaped us. We also shot five free lessons on some of the basic skills of the internal arts. I'll be putting those lessons on the website soon.

Tom is a black belt in Taekwondo and has trained in aikido. He's about 6 feet 1 and that makes for a great training partner. It was fun taking a newcomer to the internal arts and showing/coaching internal strength exercises. It's always fun to see someone's reaction to a totally new way of moving and delivering power.

In the coming weeks, I'm putting together online lessons and DVDs, with Tom as my training partner, on a variety of topics including internal strength, hsing-i forms, tai chi fighting applications and more. These will be a series of "private lesson" videos where you'll see demonstrations of the techniques, forms and fighting applications, and also the coaching of a student one-on-one.

So stay tuned. A lot of good things are coming.


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I enjoyed seeing your video demo on youtube.I believe training Internal Body Mechanics is essential for any martial arts. Looking forward to your onlime lessons.

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